Custom Services

If you can’t find the service that is right for you, we’re here to help. We offer custom services to all of our clients at no additional cost. Get in touch with us and we’ll do all we can to ensure your every need is met.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet have a hot date? Appointment to the veterinarian for a check-up or the groomer for a fresh cut? If you don’t have time to take him or her, leave it up to us to do it for you.

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Home care icon

Home Care

No pets? No problem. We will take care of your home while you’re away. Water the flowers, bring in the mail, take out the trash, whatever you’d like. We’ll give your home a complete “lived in” look.

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Standard visitStandard Visit

A standard visit includes a potty break, feeding, water refresh, play time and unlimited belly rubs. Standard visits are a few dollars cheaper than a premium visit and are great for pets that don’t need a leashed walk. A standard visit is not as long as a premium visit but your pets will receive the same great care, guaranteed.

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Premium Visit

A premium visit includes the same as a standard visit plus a leashed walk. Premium visits also typically last 10-15 minutes longer than standard visits. So, this service visit is great for those energetic dogs who love to go outside to walk and run around. Whether it’s around the block, to the dog park or around the park trails, we’ll take your pups for a walk they’ll love.

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Puppy & senior breakPuppy & Senior Break

Puppy and senior breaks are perfect for.. well.. puppies and seniors! This is a premium visit with a shorter leashed walk. You could even have us skip the walk altogether. Puppy and senior breaks also include, if needed, medicine administration. Puppies and senior dogs require more attention which is why this service is cheaper than others; as clients are often required to schedule multiple visits per day.

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Cat care icon

Cat Care

Meow! This is a standard visit that is puurrrfect for cats. Your cat will receive the same great care they would with a standard visit for a fraction of the price.

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Yard Cleanup

Can your yard use a “pick-me-up”? We can sanitarily remove accumulated pet waste during our visits. You’ll never have to pick up pet waste again.

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Overnight visitOvernight House Sitting

Are your pets used to constant attention? We can definitely accommodate! Our overnight sitting service allows us to “move-in” to give your pets the continual one-on-one attention that they are used to. Inherent with the service is the peace of mind that your home is cared for and looked after by an insured professional.

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