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A little bit about Daniel


Daniel Meltzer - Owner

I have been an avid animal lover ever since I could remember. I have been raised to understand the importance of every life which has helped me grow closer to animals over the year.

My two dogs, Teddy who is 13 years old and Ginger who is 10, are wonderful. Though they like to get let out at two, three and five in the morning every day, I still love them to death. I have two cats. Cutler who is 16 years old and Chaz-Michaels who is seven years old. Jasperita is my 26 year old Blue-fronted Amazon Parrot and my 1 year old Bearded Dragon, Oscar is quite the handful. I also have Morty, a 19 year old African Plated Monitor and last but not least, a 13 year old African Aquatic Sideneck Turtle named Katie.

Daniel Meltzer - Owner

As you can tell, I have quite the collection of friends who I adore so much and wouldn’t trade for the world. Currently, Jasperita is the only pet I have that can talk (as far as I know!) She enjoys sweet corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts and her favorite activities are playing peek-a-boo and whistling. According to the veterinarian, she has the IQ of a six-year-old and a vocabulary of about 120 words. Amazing, eh?

I look forward to having the opportunity to care for your pets. It would be a delight to be welcomed to your home to care for your “furry friends”. I truly look forward to establishing a friendship with your pets for years to come.

Fun fact: Daniel was born on February 22nd which just so happens to be our first president, George Washington’s birthday.